More data for better quality travelling

More and more, travelling and commuting has become a crucial aspect when planning our daily routines...

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Sustainable mobility: the cycle tourism challenge

In the sustainable mobility outlook, the growth of cycle tourism represents an important answer to...

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Studying human mobility through cellular data: where we are and future opportunities

The study of human mobility is probably one the most fascinating research topic of the last decades....

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How to modernize transport regulations

The era of Uber and other digital transport services began in Finland on July 1, 2018 when the new...

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The Netherlands plan to introduce economic incentives for cycling to work

It is known that the Netherlands are leaders as far as cycling is concerned: a quarter of the...

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MoTiV workshop explored assumptions on how people are valuing travel time

The picturesque Arrábida Monastery near Setúbal (Portugal) hosted the MoTiV futures assessment...

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Diário de Notícias (

Destinos, by João Taborda da Gama

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ECF Newsletter

How do behaviours and lifestyles influence our mobility choices? The MoTiV project is exploring a...

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MoTiV Project Launched

As announced in our previous Newsletter, UNIZA and the Consortium it leads, have been granted...

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MoTiV Project

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