UNIZA (Project Coordinator) is a university with ~10.000 students and ~1.600 creative staff, who are active mainly in the transportation field. The knowledge used for this project is mobility planning, transport organisation, modelling and simulation, as well as optimisation and cluster analysis. The ambition is to generate new knowledge, scientifically exploit the outcomes and foster excellent (basic) research.

Eurecat is a technological center with ~450 employees a broad technological and non technological focus on applied research. One of the research fields is behaviour analysis, pattern extraction and digital humanities with an experience in data visualisation and real-time monitoring such as from social media usage, the detection of mobility patterns, and the clustering on personal interests. The ambition is to generate know-how as a fertilizer for new products and services.

INESC ID is a private not-for-profit institution dedicated to research and development. It is one of the most dynamic research institutes in Portugal in the areas of electronics, information systems and telecommunications, integrating more than 90 researchers with a PhD degree. Regarding the specific areas of contribution to the project (i.e. app development), INESC has proven excellence in mobile computing, mobile sensing, security, big data analytics. Its researchers are experienced in FP7 and H2020 projects and publish regularly in prestigious journals and conferences. is a transport consulting company with focus on urban mobility, traffic engineering, public transport, sustainable mobility, logistics, transport economics and innovation. The ambition is to generate value for the clients that inspire innovative mobility services and solutions. One of the key assets of TIS is the participation in the TRACE project, which develops a smartphone app that uses individual’s movement patterns to promote sustainable behaviour.

CoReorient is a start-up company founded by former Nokia employees with broad experience in sustainable mobility solutions. The company focuses on the development of sustainable products and the design of innovative services for the sharing economy. The expertise brought in is the “PiggyBaggy Service”, which was selected in 2016 by the European Commission as a semi-finalist in European Social Innovation Competition. The service is supposed to be an alternative for conventional, fossil fuel based last mile logistics, making use of social networks and behavioural changes of users. The ambition is to use innovation for new services.

routeRANK is a provider of innovative IT technology in the field of travel and mobility. Unlike other solutions, they address the entire door-to-door route by integrating all relevant modes of transport such as air, rail, coach, public transport, P+R, car, rental car, fleet, car sharing, car pooling, limousine, ride hailing, taxi, e-bike, bike, walk and their many multimodal combinations. In a single search, its patented technology finds and ranks the best possible routes, allowing users to sort them according to multiple criteria such as price, travel time and CO2 emissions, and to book/reserve them. Solutions are personalized and integrated according diverse customers' and partners’ use and business cases.

European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) is an NGO with the ambition to foster the usage of bicycling. They have over 80 member groups in 40+ countries. Some of the member groups will be directly involved in the project. Its activities range from International advocacy and promotion, supporting national advocacy through member groups, partners and networks (cities, industry, academic), carry out demonstration projects, research and analysis, as well as organizing, attending and promoting events and alliances. More than other interest groups in the field of mobility, ECF is in a position to address travellers who are open to several transportation modes at the same time.

MoTiV Project

Project Coordinator: University of Žilina, Slovakia 
Comms & Web management: European Cyclists’ Federation ASBL