Related Projects

HiReach is involved in clustering activities and liaising with other relevant RDI projects and initiatives. These activities include the coordination of communication and dissemination activities among projects and initiatives addressing similar topics (i.e. inclusive mobility and equity), as well as the promotion of continuous sharing of information, distribution of dissemination materials and access to relevant tools.


INCLUSION addresses the challenges of accessibility of public transport in a variety of transport environments across Europe, including deprived urban neighbourhoods, remote rural areas and particularly vulnerable population segments. In a fast-changing transport environment, where individuals’ mobility requirements have become more complex and the role of new forms of transport solutions is increasing, public transport continues to be a key requirement for people with specific needs. INCLUSION will understand, assess and evaluate the accessibility and inclusiveness of transport solutions in European prioritised areas; identify gaps and unmet needs; propose, implement and validate in six European ‘pilot labs’ a range of innovative and transferable solutions, including ICT-enabled elements, new service and business models enhancing public transport accessibility, inclusiveness and equity.


STARS - Shared mobility opporTunities And challenges foR European citieS – aims to explore and boost the diffusion of car sharing in Europe. It will analyse the car sharing market, measure the benefits of different services and compare their costs, and study user profiles and behaviour.

For the first time, STARS will also look into the implications and impacts of car sharing rather than on the implementation of the service itself. Impacts on other transport modes (private car, bike, walk, taxi, public transport…) and the car industry will be assessed, and impacts in terms of congestion, greenhouse gases, accessibility and social cohesion will be quantified.

Thanks to the knowledge gained in the project, a policy toolkit that includes guidelines and recommendations will be designed. It will help European mobility stakeholders and policymakers make the right decisions and implement the best car sharing services that will maximise environmental and social benefits, making European cities better and more affordable places to live in.


LIFE ASPIRE - Advanced logistics platform with road pricing and access criteria to improve urban environment and mobility of goods. The objective of the project is to develop an innovative “credit-based” management policies for freight traffic in urban area, to implement new city logistics services and supporting ICT to promote sustainable and smart management of urban environment and commercial traffic in project’s cities.

Setting its test ground in Lucca, Italy, LIFE ASPIRE will put in place a number of actions that could led to a significant improvement of sustainability of freight mobility processes in urban areas resulting in a reduction of polluting emissions and improvement in air quality.


DIAMOND project analyses and converts data into knowledge with notions of impartiality to support gender inclusion in current and future transport systems from the perspective of women as transport users and as professionals in the sector.

The project makes use of data mining and analytics, together with the use of elicitation techniques in order to gather and analyse gender desegregated data, including new sources, to identify, design and evaluate specific measurements for fulfilling women’s needs and expectations from the transport sector.

The knowledge gathered is to be fed into a self-diagnoses tool, a practical decision support system and for the production of diverse materials, providing recommendations on how to achieve fair gender inclusiveness in different scenarios and promoting female employment in the sector.


MoTiV Project

Project Coordinator: University of Žilina, Slovakia
Comms & Web management: European Cyclists’ Federation ASBL