The results of the project are expected to contribute to the development of new mobility services and to the extension of existing applications for informed travellers. MoTiV will as well provide a direct value to the end user by allowing to easily track, understand, and re-evaluate individual mobility and travel decisions, with the aim making best use of one’s own time in line with personal motivations, preferences, and lifestyle.

National (advisory boards) and expert workshops will enable decision makers to discuss new ideas with peers and start preparing their implementation.

The main goal of the MoTiV project is to contribute to advance research on VTT by introducing a conceptual framework for the estimation of VTT at an individual level based on the value proposition of mobility.

With the Woorti mobile append-users will be able to more easily track, understand, and re-evaluate travel decisions to make the most of their free time in accordance with personal preferences, lifestyle, interests, and budget.

MoTiV Project

Project Coordinator: University of Žilina, Slovakia 
Comms & Web management: European Cyclists’ Federation ASBL