The citizens of Žilina can also participate in a European mobility survey

The citizens of Žilina can also contribute to European research. How?

The original version of this article was published in the Slovak language by the Žilina City website on June 03, 2019. The following is an English translation of the original version, which can be accessed here:

The citizens of Žilina can also contribute to European research. How? By participating in a survey conducted from May to October 2019. The survey will be conducted as part of the European MoTiV Mobility and Time Value (H2020) project, and is designed to determine how individuals evaluate travel time.

The main objective of the survey is to identify and analyse the mobility behaviours of populations through the collection of user opinions and feedback on various issues related to transport and mobility. Incidentally, this is the only project under the H2020 program in which a Slovak research institution is the main coordinator. The MoTiV project is led by an international team of experts from the ERA Chair project at the University of Žilina in cooperation with Slovak colleagues.

Thanks to this project, the city of Žilina can obtain valuable data that may be used, for example, in the process of transport planning, including transport infrastructure, as well as for the improvement of public transport. The data may also be used as a support for the development of strategic documents such as land-use plans, traffic plans, transport studies, mobility plans and so on.

The survey itself will be implemented through a mobile application that participants install on their mobile phone. “As we know, the city of Žilina is a typical example of a city that needs to solve its’ traffic situation,” said the mayor of Žilina, Peter Fiabáne. "That is why we are supporting this project and calling on the people to be actively involved in it."

"All data collected will be freely available in the form of an OPENDATA set for anyone interested. However, the collected data will be anonymized, therefore users do not have to worry about its misuse. The application itself collects data that is not only of interest to the city but also for researchers, as the application features parameters that every user must confirm. Therefore, it is necessary to have patience when filling in the data,” added Dr. Gogola from the University of Žilina.

What will residents have to do?

  • Download and install the app (for Android or IOS) on your mobile phone from or scan the QR code from the image.
  • Take part in the survey for a minimum of 14 non-consecutive 14 days from May to October 2019.
  • The minimum age required for participation in the survey is 16.
  • Confirm the mode of transport and the purpose of your journeys, travel activities and time-related parameters.
  • Users who participate in the survey for at least 14 days will be able to win interesting prizes (e.g. electric scooter)

For further questions, please contact the following email addresses:

Dr. Ing. Marian Gogola, PhD. -

Ing. Martin Hudak, PhD. - 

For more information about the project, visit: or

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