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FIAB (Federazione Italiana Amici della Bicicletta onlus) is an environmental organization which promotes the use of the bicycle as an environmentally friendly means of transport within the urban context. With the overall aim of improving the quality of life in urban areas, FIAB encourages the development of bicycle routes, limitation of automobile traffic, combined inter-modal transit solutions and more.

FIAB is recognized by the Ministry for Environment as a national association for the protection of the environment and by the Ministry for Infrastructure as an expert association in road safety. FIAB has at the moment 83 local federated associations and 7 regional co-ordination units. 

Their activities include: bicycle rallies in both urban and suburban contexts, along with day-trips, weekend excursions, and longer bicycle tours. FIAB also publishes route maps and proposals for new bicycle itineraries (see Bicycle Route of the Sun).

Want to participate in the MoTiV project?

Want to participate in the MoTiV project?

Data from people participating in the project will be gathered through the Woorti app, available on Android and iPhone smartphones, which combines features such as a multi-modal journey planner and an activity/mobility diary in an innovative way.

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