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MoTiV main goal is to contribute to advance research on value of travel time (“VTT”) by introducing and validating a conceptual framework for the estimation of VTT through a European-wide data collection. The data will be gathered through the MoTiV smartphone App. At a conceptual level, the project introduces a new definition and methodology for the estimation of VTT based on the value proposition of mobility.

A European-wide behavioural and mobility dataset will be made available to the scientific community to stimulate further research on the topic. In addition to decision-makers, transportation planners, engineers, and economists, and other actors engaged in mobility and transportation projects, the results of the project are expected to contribute to the development of new mobility services and to the extension of existing applications for informed travellers. MoTiV will as well provide a direct value to the end user by allowing to easily track, understand, and re-evaluate individual mobility and travel decisions, with the aim making best use of one’s own time in line with personal motivations, preferences, and lifestyle.

Kind of the Data Collected

The MoTiV application will collect data to be used in the subsequent analysis, to evaluate value of travel time according not only its economic dimension, but also motivations, preferences and behaviors linked to the broader concept of individual well-being.

The data being collected broadly covers mobility-related data and activity/behavioral data. This data will be collected at different moments: at the time of App installation (i.e. user profile creation), during the usage of the MoTiV App (data will be collected automatically with the App running on the background), and user provided information directly collected using the App.

Some examples of the information to be collected is: socio – demographic information; Travel attitudes, preferences, needs, lifestyles; Travel time and distance; Travel mode; Trip purpose; Travel experience metrics (e.g. mood, physical effort, cognitive effort); User satisfaction about mobility services and infrastructure; etcetera.

A full list of the data being collected will be provided to people participating in the project within an “Informed Consent Form” which also lays out the specific purpose of the data collection and how exactly this data will be used.

In full compliance with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (coming into effect starting May 25th, 2018) we will ensure that all participants’ right will be carefully respected. For example: the right to request modification of incorrect data, right to request a copy of personal data, right to be forgotten, etc.

We will also implement all the necessary data security measures to ensure the information is keep private and used only for the purpose of the project. Anonymization and pseudonymization techniques will be implemented when possible to further protect the identities of project participants.

If you have further queries about Data Privacy and Protection, please contact the local entity from your country. You can find the contact details in the Participating countries.


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