MoTiV Stories: The best way of getting great ideas while moving

Did you notice any activities where new interesting ideas pop-up in your head more easily? When interviewed about what was the most productive part of his day, Elon Musk replied: “when I'm taking the shower”. He's not the only one; loads of people report that many of their best ideas appear to them when they're showering!

What about when we're moving? Is there any moment which tends to be especially productive for people? 

As a matter a fact, there is one way of moving from one place to another that seems to be particularly good if you want to wander into new ideas. Several bright thinkers seemed to have discovered this advantage and purposefully moved in that form of moving when they wanted to have better thoughts about something.

Hint: some of them, like Beethoven, Dickens and Darwin, lived when there were no motorized vehicles around… 

Hint 2: It is a form of moving that activates the brain.

What's your guess? Check out what it is on the next MoTiV story… :)

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