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MoTiV project launches the Woorti app

The H2020 project Mobility and Time Value (MoTiV) is officially launching its public campaign, after delivering a scientific framework for the analysis of the Value of Travel Time (VTT). Through Woorti, a dedicated app available for both iOS and Android, quantitative and qualitative data on the travel habits of European citizens will be collected in at least 10 countries. The data will be analysed to introduce a new definition and methodology for the evaluation of the VTT, integrating in the algorithms a dimension of individual well-being.


MoTiV aims at boosting the scientific debate on the changing Value of Travel Time, providing a new paradigm for its conceptualization and evaluation. In MoTiV, the VTT is addressed at the level of the individual travellers by taking into account their unique personalities, preferences, needs and expectations. The subjective perspective on VTT emphasises its “behavioural” component, complementing the traditional viewpoint focusing exclusively on the economic dimension of travel time.

To support the research objectives of the project, data is being collected through the Woorti smartphone app, which features automatic detection of trips and transport modes, contextual surveys assessing the quality of the travel experience, a dashboard with traveller’s statistics and insights, a mobility coach with inspiring stories on how to make the best out of one’s travel time. Thanks to the collaboration of the MoTiV Consortium, the MoTiV data collection campaigns has been launched in 10 European countries and will be concluded in September.



Everyone can participate! Users just need to download the Woorti app and start recording trips. Once a trip is concluded, a few questions will pop-up to assess the perceived value of the time spent.

These organisations are implementing the MoTiV data collection campaign at national level:

Find out more about the partners related to the data collection campaigns in Participating Countries.

Find out more about the partners related to the data collection campaigns in Participating Countries.

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